Water , energy nexus.

Dr. Farouk El Baz , proposer of the Desert development corridor was met with a lot of critical negativities , Specially that it would be difficult to provide water for the project. The corridor project has in its plan to provide a water pipe for civilian use mainly . Well the route of the corridor would be ideal for having 2 new ideas , but they will require much higher investment costs , but at least they will start  providing  a return on investment once established . The 2 ideas are based on having extra pipes of water that will be used to irrigate the whole of the west Nile valley and west delta , they will also be a source for producing energy by having turbines within the pipes , the turbines will make use gravity provided by the natural topography within the process of irrigating . The main obstacle would be that there is not enough water to be allocated for the idea mentioned . Therefore I suggest that we have to save water to be able to provide water for the project. For better understanding read the following https://kassemmourad.wordpress.com/2015/06/24/egypts-water-energy-and-agricultural-sustainability-plan/


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