Egypts Green energy irrigation system .

Implementing  green energy irrigation system on the west Nile valley and west Delta region. By harvesting the power of ;  Water leveling , Water flow , and pressure By make use of available terrain and engineering concepts such as Elevated water storage tanks .
The geography of the west Nile Valley  has unique natural characteristics : it slopes downwards from south to north , it slopes downwords from west to east , it has a huge water reservoir (lake Nasser ) on the heights of its south side.
That natural topography will be used to move the water from lake nasser through several main pipes heading North on the west heights of the valley , branching out along the route into sub-maine pipes heading downwards East towards the Nile , the sub-maine pipes will also branch out into sub-sub- main pipes , And placing Above Ground Water Storage tanks allocated along the route of sub-sub -main pipes .
The tanks will be filled by means of water levelling and drip irrigate by mains of water pressure.


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